Charity Programs
Harrisburg Telugu Association (HTA), since inception has been doing many Charity and Community services along with the social and cultural activities in central Pennsylvania. The activities undertaken by HTA has touched many lives locally and back in India. Some of the activities where HTA gave a big lending hand are..

    2021 Donations
  • Donated masks to underprivileged communities
  • Extended help to local telugu families that lost a loved one and financial help to a family that lost their house during a fire accident
  • Food drive this year was very successful with excellent participation. We raised more than two thousand dollars and donations were made to Good Hope ministries and Governors food fund.
  • 2020 Donations
  • Donated to March of Dimes organization and helped single moms and children
  • Donated N95 , KN95, and other face masks to some of the Lancaster, Harrisburg and New York communities and also to an hospital in Bethlehem through proceeds from COVID fund raising
  • Donated food supplies to 250 + poor families in Hyderabad
  • Supported struggling musician families in India
  • Supported Surabhi Drama Artists
  • Helped in taking care of families who lost their loved ones in this area and also helped in raising funds to support the medical and funeral costs.
  • Donated 1300 Lbs of food to Bethesda Mission
  • Previous Donations
  • Monetary donation to Tsunami victims via Eenadu helpline in 2004
  • Donated money to Tri-County Blind association in 2010
  • Helped US Census Bureau in local surveying in 2010
  • Conducted food drive and donated food to Bethesda Mission
  • Helped several cyclone affected families in 2011
  • Helped Orphan school run by Vegesna Foundation in 2012
  • Donated money to Shalom house which provides temporary shelter to homeless women and children in Harrisburg in 2012
  • Helped 14 poor farmer families in 2013
  • Helped monetary donations to Local organizations 2013
  • Led the training and had 125 people got the CPR certifications thru Pinnacle in 2013
  • Helped Karimnagar Blind School, donated 150 beds, blankets and hot water heater in 2014
  • Donated money to CM charity fund towards 'Hudhud' victims in 2014
  • Donated money to HIV Positive kids orphanage home, Karimnagar through Spandana foundation in 2015
  • Donated money to Mentally challenged kids home, Madanapalle through Spandana foundation in 2015
  • Donated money to Red cross organization towards Nepal Earthquake relief in 2015
  • Donated money to local religious organizations in 2017
  • Raised funds to help poor farmers in 2017
  • Helped local cancer affected resident in 2017
  • Donating clothes to Community aid for many years
  • Donating food to local food banks for many years
  • Donated money to several organizations including American cancer society, Children's miracle network over the years
  • Helping Hampden township via 'Adopt a highway' program
  • HTA is instrumental in helping students and residents moving to Central Pennsylvania
  • HTA members in their own capacity have been doing the charity work towards improvement of villages


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